Sustainable Hospital Building Designs- Top Picks

Published May 29, 2016 in Architecture

Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central TexasClimate change and the impact of global warming are now common topics covered by mainstream media and also tackled in educational institutions. While the conversations and debate about the cause and effect of climate change and global warming will continue, the general public now acknowledges the need to reduce the use and abuse of natural resources and to limit the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. One such move that’s being adopted right now to help address global warming is the construction of sustainable hospital buildings. There’s no denying the impact of building construction on the environment and its resulting energy and material consumption.  According to one statistic, more than 65 percent of the electricity consumption in the US is attributed to building construction and occupancy. These are the reasons why sensitive building practices that incorporate nature are adopted in an effort to help the environment. Here are some of the best sustainable practices shown on hospitals around the world.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fresh, whimsical, vibrant and environment-friendly. These are just some of the words one can use when checking out the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Opened in 2009, this hospital packs features and amenities that respect the environment. Guests and patients can expect water-efficient landscaping and recycling facilities. The hospital also received two LEED certifications and its health professionals like licensed practical nurses follow paper-less transactions.

Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, Austin, Texas

Once used as an airport, the Dell Children Medical Center has been transformed into an environment-friendly hospital. Opened in 2007 with a budget of $200 million, the health care complex is considered one of the greenest hospitals thanks to a number of green features and facilities. The hospital boasts a white roofing the reflects sunlight, rainwater collection system and efficient lighting system.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital, Miami, Florida

Guests and patients at West Kendall Baptist Hospital will feel safe knowing that the whole complex is designed to withstand strong winds and hurricane. In fact, this hospital was designed to withstand a category-five hurricane. The hospital features environment-friendly construction materials, including low emitting paints and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. Just like the other leading hospitals in this list, West Kendall is also a recipient of Gold LEED certification.

St. Mary’s Hospital, Sechelt, Canada

For some environmentalists, the St. Mary’s Hospital can be considered the greenest in Canada and even in the whole continent. Green principles have been used in the construction of the facility and the design of its lighting system. Doctors and nurses in their best uniforms and dresses will love the idea of working in a hospital complex, that promises efficient energy use, with up to 40 percent in energy savings. The facility also received the LEED Gold status.

All these hospitals included in the list took building construction and design to another level. Instead of simply focusing on function and aesthetics, these hospitals also focused on its impact on the environment. An integration with the environment has been considered as well to provide service to patients and stakeholders without compromising the beauty of nature.

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